Full Marketing Analysis

Full Marketing Analysis

Major KPIs to Understand

Closing Percentage

  • Closing Percentage By Department
  • Closing Percentage by Job Type
  • Closing Percentage by Technician
  • Closing Percentage by Technician by Job Type
  • And Much More

Average Invoice

  • Average Invoice by Department
  • Average Invoice by Job Type
  • Average Invoice By Technician 
  • Average Invoice By Technician By Job Type
  • And Much More

Marketing ROI

  • Marketing as a Percent of Revenue
  • Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Marketing Seasonality
  • And Much More

New Customers

  • Number of New Customers
  • % of Those New Customers Sold to
  • Membership Sales
  • Membership Revenue
  • And Much More

Custom Marketing Solutions knows that data is king when it comes to making decisions and guiding our clients to the best use of their marketing spend.  This is why we have provided a dashboard looking into your business and marketing.  

We approach marketing differently here at Custom Marketing Solutions.  We want to understand your customer’s journey with your business.  We want to know how they hear of you the very first time, how they contact you, what the conversion looks like on that contact, how your technicians do with that call, and last but not least, how you keep them engaged along the way.

Each dashboard is custom to the client we have.  We want to make sure our clients receive the data they need in order to make the right decisions for their company.  Our dashboards have included data to show company KPIs, Technician Leaderboards, zip code revenue, Job Type closing percentage, Job Type average invoice, and much more.

Do you know what your standard KPIs should be for marketing and for your business?  Let us be a partner with you in tracking this data and helping you find ways to improve.  Data is a great way to make sure your business is on track and that you are doing what is needed to continue to grow in a healthy way.