I don’t use it… Why do I need Social Media?

One of the most asked questions we get at Custom Marketing Solutions is, “I don’t use it… Why do I need social media?” Social media may be looked at as a passing fad, but in the overall scheme of your marketing plan, regardless of whether you use it or not, it can help in more ways than one.


Letting your customers know who your company is and what you stand for is one of, if not the most important, reasons to take advantage of your social media platforms. Through this medium, you can keep customers updated with your provided services and the story of your company. This can also be a great area to share your employees’ stories, i.e. why they do what they do and if they are celebrating a work milestone.

You’re also able to build trust with potential customers. If a current customer recommends your brand, they can show them who you are, rather than just tell them about you. This leads to…

Lead Generation

Potential customers can now engage with your company, and you can build credibility. Customers can learn tips and tricks, and most importantly, they can contact your company to schedule an appointment. Depending on the tools that you use, customers can head right to your booking page.

Customer Feedback

What are your customers saying about your company? Through your social page(s), you can now have conversations on how customers view your brand and what they think will help you improve. You can also chat directly with customers if they have any problems or concerns. Rather than just reading a review, you are now able to contact that person through a social setting and resolve any issue or thank them for their loyalty.

Social Advertising

Using social ads, you now have another avenue for lead generation. Social advertising can also be much cheaper in larger traffic areas. You can specify what audience you want to target and can even narrow it down to household numbers, interests, and search queries. On top of that, you can track everything through…


Each of the social platforms allows you to see how many customers are interested in your brand, what content they find the most engaging, and if they click through to your website.

Create a Community

Lastly, you create a community of customers, past and present, giving them access to specials and allowing them to share those same tips, tricks, and coupons with their friends, thus expanding your market and creating new audiences for your brand.

These are just a few basic but important areas for your company to lean into. You’re able to take more control of your brand, generate new markets of opportunity, and create value for your current and new customers.