Using Mixed Media Content

  • February 15, 2022
  • Mattie Hunter
  • 2 min read

Using great mixed media content is a “must-have” for websites. Not only does having fantastic content help make your brand or product more interesting and relatable, but it can bring you more success and a higher spot in Google rankings. This post will examine what is working for content strategy and how more companies are beginning to measure the efficiency of that content.

The comedian George Carlin did a great bit about “stuff.” Basically, he talks about humans gaining more and more stuff and then having to find more places to put it all. We can compare this to how companies put all their stuff online and how they continue to find more places to put their stuff. The real trick is putting strategy into your stuff, in order to make it something. Then it’s not just stuff, but actual content that customers will pay attention to, which in turn will help you rise in your Google rankings, and create a credible online presence.

In order for your content marketing to grow, you also need to invest in a dedicated content marketing team that can align themselves together and create more output for your company’s brand and ideas. Pawan Deshpande, the founder, and CEO of Curata explained that there are four main ideas behind this:

1) Build a solid content team. Companies are hiring writers with a background in journalism as opposed to marketing in order to create credible content without sounding too cheap and sales-y.

2) Align internally. Choose people throughout your organization to be part of the content marketing team to help generate brand-appropriate ideas.

3) Rethink the process. Determine a way that you can use metrics to establish how well the content marketing is working for your brand and the traffic is driven to your site.

4) Encourage innovation in content marketing. Think outside the box and create more relevant pieces of information that you share as content. Continue to innovate and reinvent the creation process