What is PPC?

With regard to digital marketing, one of the acronyms most tossed around is PPC. But what is PPC and how can it help your company?

PPC or pay-per-click is advertising digitally. If you are looking to create a bigger digital presence on the internet, you need PPC to get the word out about your company/product. You, which will now be known as the advertiser, pay a fee for each time one of your PPC advertisements is clicked, hence the name: pay-per-click.

PPC ads can vary in size and shape. They can be text only, images, or even videos. PPC ads are also viewed on numerous sites and search engines. You have probably seen ads on your social feed or before an online video you watch. You may often see them as banners or sponsors on various websites.

With a PPC campaign, just as in traditional marketing, advertisers are targeting their audience in a variety of ways. The most widely used area for targeting is through a first-tier search engine, like Google. If you’ve ever searched for some product or place of business, you may have noticed that various companies show up at the top of your search. These companies are using a form of PPC advertising so that you see them first at the top of the page. Digital marketing companies use terms like “first link on the page” or “high ranking”.

The cost of the click can depend on how many companies are advertising the exact product/type of company. If your PPC campaign is more specific, often the fee for that click will be lower. How much does that cost you, the advertiser? PPC fees can vary depending on the product and market base. If you are paying $10 or less per click and your product or service costs the consumer $500, then you make a huge profit off of a small advertising link. You choose the budget you want to use and then your ad takes care of the rest.

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